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Gourmet Goldmine is your home of bespoke curated Hard-to-Find ingredients and utensils.

Created by home chefs for home chefs, Gourmet Goldmine was established by two home cooks who loved cooking, foodie media, and experimenting in the kitchen.  They grew tired of being unable to challenge themselves, due to hard-to-find ingredients and utensils unavailability If we couldn’t get it at our local supermarket, we couldn’t try the recipe.  The words “you can get this from a specialist cooking, Asian grocery or homewares store” sat tantalizingly at the end of many sought-after ingredients lists.

So we established Gourmet Goldmine, then in 2017, we started where they left off.

A fantastic online shop with a wide range of groceries and utensils that is continually expanding and evolving. We hope you will love our products, recipe ideas and passion for all things food. We have had a year of hiatus while we upgraded the site to encompass more avenues of product supply. Mainly, we have moved completely online. We also will be using affiliate products in our store, but you will be informed of this on each page.

We are back on Pinterest and Instagram, so watch out for our specials, ideas from our other foodie websites, and upcoming foody escapes.

We’ve only just started … there’s still a lot more we want to get for you!  Please let us know if you want to cook something, but you need a hard-to-find ingredient.  We’ll try to make it easy-to-find at Gourmet Goldmine.


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