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Gelatine Product
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Working with Gelatine – Dissolving

Are you having difficulty dissolving Gelatine leaves? I had this same problem and it took me a few trials to really work out what I was doing wrong. However, with a very simple method you will keep your sanity and begin to love using this gelatinous product. Titanium Gelatine Leaves The initial dissolving process is […]

Rubi Chocolate- Outside
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Luscious Ruby Chocolate

Ruby Chocolate revealed globally in 2017 by the famous Swiss Chocolatiers Barry Callebaut. We have all heard alto about the new fourth chocolate as it is being called, but very few of us have had a chance to taste this new creation. Is this a real product or some concocted confection? Basically, yes, this is […]

Ruby Red Chocolate
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One year on – Instagram- with Gourmet Goldmine

Ruby Chocolate – A gorgeous new ingredient, full of unusual flavor. This has been very successful. Titanium & Gold Gelatine – My go-to dessert ingredient for special occasions. Home baking at its best – Who could go past hot from the oven Challah. Dessert Sparkle – Ruby Gold Lustre Dust for chocolates, cakes, and pastries. […]


Spice of Life

Many of the herbs and spices we use today come from exotic places, such as India, South East Asia, Mexico and the Caribbean. The spice trade brought rare spices back to Europe and created huge fortunes for many of the top trading companies of the day. Indeed, the spice trade can be traced back over […]